What you want to see in mocaccinoOS

At this point, everyone knows that mocaccinoOS is still in alpha, so it is not yet ready to be used as desktop

The purpose of this group is to ask, what would you like to have mocaccinoOS so that the team could improve the distro before reaching the first stable version of mocaccinoOS

Can you really call that as good?

As is now, Sabayon worked as is … Now we have Funtoo that use to work as is…
Can we really accept moccasino as is?

Now we have … I am using ARCH to replace gentoo. I want to ask Joost-ruis, Drobbins … WTF were you thinking?
I love the concept, and want to work with it … I am currently using manjaro arch and just getting by … while posting from gentoo … I see no reason to keep it after 15 years. … I just cant understand if drobbins & joost have something to share. … Are you ready to make a OS?

Just saying is total bull shit, are you ready to make it correct … or just BS to make it correct … There is 2 people in control of this, Joost & Drobbins.
As I say, been using Arch … I am happy how it works … you have choices?

what i would like to see? support for s6 init and s6-rc, easy multiarch support like Exherbo, multilib, glibc and musl choice, not to depend on python for example Paludis is written in c++ , have eselect or something similar, to have binaries as well as easy been able to compile packages like freebsd. able to choose between alsa pipewire, and oss v4 for sound.
something better than depclean.
able to select in case of binaries if want depency resolution or not, automatic chroot mount options
(in case went without multilib support good container for Amd Gpus too not only for Nvidia like Funtoo linux.) and not change from one day to another like Funtoo did, hey!! we are no longer multilib.
ncurses options for compiling, ncurses for binaries install select and deselect like in Slackware.
Each program resides in its own directory like Gobolinux.

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well. that’s so distant from the truth and not fair at all. You should check out who is contributing to the project.

I want more options in Calamares like more filsystems. I normally use BTRFS as filesystem because I get some errors with ext4 on some distros when I install. Don’t know what is the problem I change to a new SSD but it is the same. But with BTRFS everything is good.

thanks for the awesome information.