What is mocaccino funtoo?

Mías once I have a series of questions about mocaccinoOS, and the question in question is

What is mocaccinoOS funtoo?

Atm, just a first experiment to push directly a Funtoo Stage3 layer over our Mocaccino ISO workflow. I will try to prepare a Gnome Funtoo Stage3 ISO as POC but I need yet a bit of time.

geaaru, can you confirm.
You want to use a Mocaccino ISO as live build environment, the chroot and build a stage 3 funtoo ?

Then maybe add layers on top of this new funtoo build ?

Telmo, I am just as confused as you are.

Originally I presumed that the base of Mocaccino would be Funtoo, then add the spice of bing, bong, ting tong and all the other 5000 latest words of the day / apps to this and make a new distribution.

So in this process what was easy and normal before Sabayon was broken / not emerge / not … normal commands we are used too and turned it into a whole universe of new confusion.

I am completely stupid with 1.5 brain cells / used to fix source code drivers with Linus / fix intel and samsung drivers / rebuild countries agriculture and tourism sectors, feed 4m to 127m people / half of Europe with indoor vertical farming, competed with Putin so he invaded Crimea to block me,… blah blah blah, and I can not understand this whole picture of Mocaccio.

Logic would indicate, 1st fix the broken pieces in Sabayon, so that we can use portage / layman / emerge / gentoo / funtoo based normal use programs.

Then add all this new faster more efficient luet and puet and mimi and ding dong and blah blah.

Then build in parallel Mocaccino, rebuild all packages, add a feature where we can avoid that firefox Apple OSX weird install funny business as if putting toilet water into your coffee or this is how it feels to do it like that / like Ubuntu.

Right now I can bring zero value / can not use Mocaccino as it is so much a Star trek language and super confusing to get into this new PHD needed to become a nuclear scientist vs KISS / keep is stupid and simple.

Can not use Sabayon … lots of dramas, so people run away and the support we need for the project is missing or goes to other linux projects.

I think if we needed to create a new Ubuntu then why not just jump to a modded Ubuntu version or OSX
we as Gentoo / funtoo (people that is build from steel and not from ubuntu flower power) that loves to build from source code or build from funtoo bin packages that is what the core of Sabayon was, a easier gentoo version that bridges the primitive Ubuntu with crazy Source code and everyone can jump in and use it / learn how to work with this operating system.

Right now for me I feel dis empowered by Mocaccino as I have no clue what to do where, learning curve feels too intense and it is 2021, no one needs to torture themselves with that firefox install curse … think it is called flatpak ubuntu garbage. No one needs to become a nuclear scientist just to understand how to operate a tv / microwave as is the situation with Mocaccino.

I can not relate to this Mocaccino so I am exiting. Will irritate myself to death with that Mint / Arch excuses for linux operating systems vs what Sabayon used to be.

Greetings, will check in in 1 years and see if Mocaccino has become user interactive.

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MocaccinoOS is in alpha

How do you know? Is this official?

In the documentation clarifies that mocaccinoOS is not yet ready, until then consider mocaccinoOS as a testing system until at least the beta is released

Ah okay yeah ive seen that i thought maybe devs made an announcement on telegram.

I pushed an experimental ISO, Mocaccino Funtoo ISO that permits to install a Mocaccino Funtoo rootfs.
At the moment there are only few packages but it’s possible to use emerge on the installed rootfs with these steps:

$> luet install -y layer/funtoo-base-gnome-portage layer/funtoo-base-gnome-devel layer/funtoo-boot-portage layer/funtoo-boot-devel layer/funtoo-xorg-drivers-extra-portage layer/funtoo-xorg-drivers-extra-devel
$> ego sync
# Funtoo ready system

There is a full integration with emerge and luet but this is a way to left to users a way to compile all needed packages not yet available as binary package and to help Funtoo users to have a ready system.
We have a lot to do, but it’s a begin. The ISO contains ZFS kernel module and Nvidia Kernel module too.

To disable nouveau kernel module for live ISO, just add modprobe.blacklist=nouveau in the initial menu.

Know issues:

  • Removing of the mocaccino user in the installed rootfs. Run userdel -f -r mocaccino
  • probably a lot of others issues :smiley:
  • for kernel stuff atm it uses my temporary repository. When i merge fix to upstream kernel repo i will move packages to right place
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