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Albfneto, Alberto, from Brazil.
I.m a Sabayon user, i will try Mocaccino.


Hi albfneto

Welcome! Glad to hear that :slight_smile: I hope you will find the same Sabayon experience in the new release which is in the works

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Welcome to the new forums Alberto!

Hello, I am a Sabayon user, I’d like to try it in a VirtualBox machine, but I have an issue. Is there any possibility to bump its version in Sabayon to try a version they claim it works?

Hi guys

Here I’m ;D

Ready to learn about Mocaccino


Yeah! A cup, please!

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Ciao bella gente.

Presente anche per questo progetto.

Hello world, I’m ready to meet mocaccino os. :sunglasses:

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Good luck on yout new endeavors! I will be testing live cds to try to learn the new toolset. From what I understand reading the docs, the changes for the end user are musl and the new package manager. Will you still be able to use emerge to install packages or even better use luet to do just that?

Hi guys, I just heard about this new project.
I have been using sabayon for quite some time, as the only OS on my laptop.
I’ll try Mocaccino I hope it will be a new home :slight_smile:


I have in mind that firefox is precompiled and may run standalone. I use and test the Nightly Versions.
I published and article about this, but it is written in portoguese language (i.m Brazilian).
Resuming, my method is…

Go to the site:


choose the desired firefox, language and version (i use te nightly version, it is sufficient stable).

save the file in one created /home/user/Desktop directory

“unzip” the firefox file, you wiil see a “Firefox” directory… execute te internal script " ./firefox"

If you have another installed firefox, remove it, or at least, mantain it permanently closed.

All my years of posting on the Sabayon forums, gone. :’( They’re trying to erase my past!

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Same goes for me. But it wasn’t possible to maintain nor port it.

Hello! Potential new user here! Just found this distro yesterday and i got to admit it seems promising. Stable system and upgrading is not a nightmare anymore is what caught my interest. Will definitely be looking what you guys are up to and cant wait for the 1st usable .iso file. Looking forward to it. Much luck in your project. God bless.