Welcome Sabayon users!

We sadly been forced to shutdown the old Sabayon phpBB forums for several reasons.

Feel free to discuss Sabayon topics in here.

Joost, Sabayon classical Forum will be closed? is This?

Yes it already is. We had potential security issues with that, not being able to maintain it anymore. So we decided to close it down. Besides it costs the project much money to keep it running.

I hope you understand.

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No problem, I understood! Expensive and much more hard work also! Joost cannot be splited in… 10 Joosts!
Thanks a lot for you hard work!

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Hi, is there no archive of it?
Anyway, does this extend to the Sabayon’s repos?
I get a strange message that can’t connect to Entropy Web Services.

We shutdown a part of infra, a place where user generated content was also stored. For example. In Rigo could leave a comment or screenshots of cetain software. We closed down this service.

To be honest, the old forum was ugly

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Hello, Mocaccino/Sabayon experts.

I have not yet migrated from Sabayon to Mocaccino since I am waiting on a good time with excellent cookbook instructions. I am not a systems expert.

I previously disabled sabayon-weekly and enabled sabayonlinux.org and have subsequently performed upgrades without problems. I noticed today that my Sabayon systems have indicated that their repositories were updated and perhaps an upgrade should be performed, so I attempted an upgrade. During the upgrade process, I was provided with an extremely long output indicating conflicting packages between sabayonlinux.org and sabayon-weekly repositories, and it was suggested that I perform "equo mask " to mask packages.

It does not appear that an upgrade was performed. Have I done something wrong? How do I correct this? Should I do anything? I have output the results of “equo upgrade” to a file and can identify all the conflicting packages, but the file is around 100,000 bytes long, so I suspect there are many conflicting packages.

I await your advice. Thank you very much in advance.

@VolvoBirkenstock You should attach the output of “equo u -pv” or if the forum doesn’t allow you yet, you can use something like pastebin.com.

Hello @parapente. I attempted to enter the textual output from “equo upgrade -pv” below. Posts here are limited to 32,000 chars and the file I would need to include exceeds 100,000 chars, so I have placed the textual output in https://pastebin.com/xYW3TRxC.

This looks like an issue between versions 5.77.0 in the sabayonlinux.org repository and 5.72.0 in the sabayon-weekly repository. I have never used the “equo mask <package>” command before and do not know how to differentiate between sabayonlinux.org and sabayon-weekly packages within the command line instruction, so I would be very grateful if you could provide me with a verbatim instruction set that would correct this problem. Thank you very much in advance.

It seems that one the following packages creates the problem:


There are two ways to fix the problem. The one is to mask the packages using equo mask and the other one is to just uninstall them. During every kde upgrade, there is an upgrade of kde-frameworks first and then all the kde-apps packages are upgraded, so all those packages should have an appropriate 5.77.0 version in sabayonlinux.org repository.

Be careful when uninstalling packages to not remove any other needed packages that will break your system.

You didn’t follow instructions correctly I think, seems sabayon-weekly is still enabled on your system.

Thank you @parapente and @joost_op.

Since the switch from sabayon-weekly to sabayonlinux.org was performed as root, I have looked at root’s command history. I cannot refer to the instruction set that was placed on the old Sabayon forum for obvious reasons, but the root command history states:

cp entropy_sabayonlinux.org.example entropy_sabayonlinux.org
equo repo enable entropy_sabayonlinux.org
equo repo disable entropy_sabayon-weekly
equo update
equo repo mirrorsort sabayonlinux.org
equo update
equo upgrade --multi-fetch=10

The above commands appear to have been executed inside /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ which I likely navigated to as a user prior to performing “su”. That being said, the contents of /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ still include both entropy_sabayonlinux.org AND entropy_sabayon-weekly. I do not understand why the use of

equo repo disable entropy_sabayon-weekly

failed to move “entropy_sabayon-weekly” to “_entropy_sabayon-weekly”. Is there a simple way to fix this? Can I just manually execute

mv entropy_sabayon-weekly _entropy_sabayon-weekly

Or do I have to perform a lot of masking with a great deal of thought?

By the way, I have a second system which I performed the same operations converting from sabayon-weekly to sabayonlinux.org, and it does NOT have this problem. It also does NOT have “entropy_sabayon-weekly” inside /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/, but it does have “_entropy_sabayon-weekly”. The difference between the two systems is perplexing.

first as root:

equo repo list

To see what repositories are enabled.
If you still see sabayon-weekly there, it means it is still active.
You can simply rename that file also, as root.

cd /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d
mv entropy_sabayon-weekly _entropy_sabayon-weekly
equo update
equo upgrade --purge

Ahhh. I found the error in the previous command execution.

equo repo disable entropy_sabayon-weekly

does NOT work.

equo repo disable sabayon-weekly

does work. After performing “equo repo disable entropy_sabayon-weekly” and then executing “equo repo list”, both “sabayonlinux.org” and “sabayon-weekly” were listed. After performing “equo repo disable sabayon-weekly” and executing “equo repo list”, only “sabayonlinux.org” was listed. Furthermore, “entropy_sabayon-weekly” was automatically moved to “_entropy_sabayon-weekly” by the “equo repo disable sabayon-weekly” command.

I subsequently initiated “equo update” followed by “equo upgrade --purge --multithresh=10” and processing appears as expected. It appears to be working correctly now.

Thank you very much, @joost_op and @parapente. :grin: :+1:


I still have a few Sabayon systems left to do the profile change from earlier in 2020. Is there some way to get back to the nice thread (including the solutions) we had for this in the old forum?

Please have a look at Sabayon daily repo - I’ve pinned the discussion :slight_smile:

Sabayon linux is no longer active?
I can’t update anymore, either…

Hi, biandrea.
The sabayon-weekly repository is no longer active.
The sabayonlinux.org repository is still active…I am still using it for updates.