Using Sabayon and Mocaccino

I see all the people here… Joost, Mudler, Sabayonino, Fiorello…
I should not remove my Sabayon installation. Even not upgraded, it works and is my daily used, job distro (at the University). I will upgrade some packages using Portage.
After my online lessons (in the University), I will have time to test Mocaccino.
I will install Mocaccino, in new, empty partitions…
I have in mind to use the two Distros, Mocaccino and Sabayon, in all separated partitions.
I will install Mocaccino in November, latest week.

Indeed! I am starting to test migrations in a VM. I have not used portage to update something, I don’t know if this would complicate a migration.
Without Sabayon, I would have been in a big dilemma of choosing some other distro…

Ciao Alberto, nel repositorio Sabayon standard oggi 2 aggiornamenti, non è stato ancora messa la nuova revisione di kde ma penso che non dovrebbe tardare, Portage lo uso solo per aggiornare Firefox, per Mocaccino aspetto una iso completa con desktop kde.

Hello Alberto, in the repository Sabayon standard today 2 updates, has not been put yet the new revision of kde but I think it should not be late, Portage I only use it to update Firefox, for Mocaccino I look like a complete iso with desktop kde.

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