Upgrade a migrated system

Hello, I’ve tried to upgrade further a migrated system. It cant.

[Error: failed computing upgrade: failed solving solution for upgrade: Could not compute upgrade - couldn't uninstall candidates : Could not satisfy the constraints. Try again by removing deps ]

@mudler recommended to deisable and reenable portage repository. How to do that with luet? I can’t find a disable/enable set of commands.

@msdobrescu just remove the corresponding repository that you have previously installed with luet, so for example, if you followed the steps from www.mocaccino.org:

luet uninstall repository/mocaccino-portage-stable
luet upgrade
luet install repository/mocaccino-portage-stable
luet upgrade

The issue that you are facing should be solved in the new luet version (0.9.14), but in order to fix it, you need to disable the portage-repository, which causes luet to conflict.

If uninstall fails for the same issue, try with luet uninstall --force --nodeps ... or by removing the corresponding repository file in /etc/luet/repos.conf.d/ (see https://luet-lab.github.io/docs/docs/getting-started/#adding-repositories )


To make it work, I had to rename/remove repository config from /etc/luet/repos.conf.d/.
68 configs to merge.
The upgrade removed the custom config /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-monitor.conf. I’ve created it again, but had no effect anymore due to display naming that changed to Virtual-1.
Also, after migrating and after upgrading, it defaults to UTC.

What is the procedure to switch the kernel?

An issue during upgrading, each time luet asks for confirmation it adds a characters sequence:

 By going forward, you are also accepting the licenses of the packages that you are going to install in your system.
 Do you want to continue with this operation? [y/N]: 

It would fail unless the user deletes them first.

I just tried to migrate from sabayon-gnome. Luet seems to work and I can start the upgrade but whey are packages like x-system, gnome and even mate, plasma, etc. pulled in and this as a giant package? I have a 20Mbit connection.

Sorry, I can’t help you with that, my system is KDE based only.
This thread is about upgrading an already migrated system.