Testing MocaccinoOS-GNOME-dev-0.20210323.iso

Making huge progress. Thank you to the team.

In vmware workstation pro / same on pc with usb livecd boot.

Previous installer partitioning issues persist with some more progress.

Livecd boot with default VMware workstation pro win 10 settings, Display 3d Acceleration option active in settings.

Booted without issues into gnome gui, networking works, network speed was at 25% of my normal speed, likely my fault, will do more testing.

“disk app” works, can remove and add partition.

If there was a swap partition the live cd boot will hijack that partition and refuse to unmount it, not unmount in disk app / gparted / umount -a , refuses to unmount.

So need to livecd boot from another linux, use gparted to delete the swap partition and empty the disk / unformated.

Reboot 2nd time into MocaccinoOS-GNOME-dev-0.20210323.iso

Try again, both gparted and disks apps, delete and add partition, create new partition tables without problems.

Next launch install.sh from the desktop app menu, it loads properly, gets to the partition HD part of the installer, select erase disk / auto partition, next username and password, next window sorry can not partition. (See attached screenshots)

Exit installer after taking screenshot.

Term -> su -> mocaccino , 1st step is to clean the partitions, only swap is there, removed swap, launch installer.sh and try again, same partitioning error in installer.sh

Tried with nvme, scsi, sata drives, physical drives and vmware with these interface settings.

Launched installer.sh again as root, manual partition of empty disk, only manual disk partition then shows up, possibly because the disk is unformatted / empty, no idea.

Manual 128mb boot fat32 / boot , 4096mb swap , remaining of 32gb as ext4 / create partitions in installer.sh

Added username and password and next same errors, can not use partitions.

Attached screenshots, hope it can help to debug this errors.


Normal / non DEV version installs without installer.sh partition errors.

Disk speed Samsung 960 pro 3200/1800 in disk app benchmark speed test runs at 60% of this speed in both live cd versions.

Install completed without errors, restart from installed throws out this error in the screenshot below.

SCSI interface 32gb vm disk