Testing MocaccinoOS-GNOME-0.20210318.iso

Both vmware pro workstation 15.* or live pc boot, works good.
Specs i7-8700 , Nvidia 1080 , nvme + sata disks Intel 300 mother board.

VMware for now set 3d acceleration off to boot into Gnome GUI.
You can try forcing vesa drivers at boot.

Only errors is the installer.sh as root or as default users, it refuses to see any disks / partitions as was reported. Same with using the default installer app.

2nd problem “disks” app fails to create a new partition on a disk, to reproduce, click specific disk, select delete, add mocaccino password, deletes current partitions.
Then press + to create a new partition and it fails to create the new partition, with a error message.

Cfdisk worked to create a partition, installer.sh did not see this new partitions as root user.

Only tested on SATA and NVME.

No other visible problems or errors with my limited testing.
Wifi and internet connects without issues on my computer or in vmware.

Thank you for the hard work.