Sabayon Post-Upgrade LAN Failure [Solved]

Hello Gurus of Sabayon and Mocaccino.

I upgraded my desktop and laptop last night in the “usual” manner using I perform these upgrades whenever I am notified of a change in the repository with the taskbar icon. This is done “religiously”, so the software/configuration is kept up-to-date.

I rebooted both systems and found that neither or them connect to my router through LAN lines. I am entering this message through my laptop’s wireless connection to the router.

Please tell me what information you need from me to correct this issue. I can tell you that ifconfig shows what appears to be “inet6” assignments for the LAN and both “inet” and “inet6” assignments for the Wireless. I assume there was a change to the network configuration or there is a software dependency that has failed.

Thank you very much in advance.

Edited to Add:
Never attribute to others what you can accomplish with your own stupidity. :wink: I only needed to reboot the router. I never had this problem before, and the occurrence with the upgrade process was only circumstantial. I proudly stand tall and embrace my embarrassment to the world. :blush: