Sabayon Gnome Tweaks stuttering issue

Hi all

I initially had some issues with installing Sabayon 19.03 Gnome but now know what the issue was but I still needed to reinstall. I reinstalled and seem to now have an issue with Gnome Tweaks. It’s stuttering and I’m not able to change anything from the click drop down menus e.g. change Themes, Applications, Icons as the screen flickers at the same time and the buttons don’t react when I try to change anything? Strangely I can change any of the slider buttons within Tweaks I have reinstalled Tweaks, Gnome Shell but still creates the same stuttering problem. Is there a dependency I’m missing with regard to Gnome ? Is possibly a bug with Wayland. I am fully updated with the equo commands. I’m new to Gentoo so its a little hard for me to figure out?
Any help is much appreciated, I must say its the fastest distro I ever come across its takes nanoseconds for programs to start up and its only installed on an old i3 pc with a 5400 HDD, with an SSD it would be phenomenal!

I can only guess as I haven’t used gnome since gnome2 but did you try with X server instead of wayland? Both KDE and Gnome still have some glitches with wayland that will be fixed on the next releases.

parapente, thanks for the reply. I’m currently using wayland how do I use X server with Sabayon? I have since updated the kernel and enabled animations in Tweaks and that has seemed to have solved the issue of stuttering? I’m new to Sabayon (Gentoo) only have experience with Debian systems, so how would I change from wayland session to X server session?!
thanks for any help and guidance.

Usually it is a matter of selecting the proper session during login. In sddm I have “plasma” and “plasma (wayland)” to select on login.