Profile change: stuck to 13.0

I followed the notice board for profile change a year ago but now I find out that the 17.1 profile is not available on my laptop. It is not available in ‘eselect profile list’. Available profile symlink targets are only pointing to 13.0. I suspect that I cannot remove 2 programs ([sabayon-weekly] virtual/shadow-0 [0b] & [sabayon-weekly] sys-devel/base-gcc-8.2.0-r6 [25.2MB]) because of that.
I did do:

  1. change repo to
  2. followed the notice board
  3. equo update --force, upgrade -a --purge, conf update, deptest, libtest
  4. unsymlink-lib --analyze, --finish, --resume-finish

but there is no change to change the profile to 17.1.

Anyone who can help me to change the symlink target?