Philosophy behind MocaccinoOS project

Hi everyone

In these days I was looking for a nice OS for my home server, I tried several distros, but nothing represented a better solution compared to Gentoo.

When I suddenly discovered this interesting project (Mocaccino) and after using it on my main machine, I got some little question for you…

1) Why making two such different systems? (between Mocaccino desktop and micro)

I downloaded the Micro version because I though it was Gentoo based, or at least compatible with it, as it’s written on the main page, when in reality only the desktop version has these characteristics.

BUT, I wasn’t disappointed at all when I tried this nice and original LFS-based system, with a brand new package manager!

After looking further through the Docs I noticed that, like the entire system, luet on the micro version, operates differently than the desktop version one. It compiles everything from source, while on the desktop version the main focus seems to avoid dependency-hell situations.

To sum up, why making a desktop version, Gentoo compatible, “binary”* (?) based distro and a server version, LFS based with source-compiled packages? How well these two integrates?

*: Still have to figure out how luet works on the Desktop version :smiley:

2) Is the micro version ready to go? Is it complete? Is it safe?

Just personal concerning, since I’ve read sometimes, online, that LFS-based distros might have a slower “release-cycle”, talking about security patches.

I don’t know if that’s actually true, but since I’d be using Mocaccino for my home server, security and stability is a detail that users have to keep in mind when choosing an operative system that’s going to manage all their private/important files.

3) Why Runit?

Instead of OpenRC, for example, making it easier to administrate for Gentoo-users, which are more familiar with that init system (usually).

Update: Also, why systemD on desktop version?

4) How big are Mocaccino repos (pkg number)? Will it ever support Nextcloud natively?


well, i’m not a developer but i can guarantee one thing, the system is still in alpha, a lot can change and the most recommended would be to wait for a beta until the system is functional

Unfortunately I can only answer your third question with my image, I am using the mocaccinoOS desktop default

Hmm, I see, however, I’m giving it a try, since it’s an interesting and new distro and as far as I read, its developer base features many, if not all, of sabayon’s devs (which I used for a long time, and it has a good reputation).