Migration error on luet upgrade

After entropy has been officially discontinued, I thought I might try a migration of one of my Sabayon systems for starters. I followed the suggested way on the website, but I get this error during the “luet upgrade” phase:

📦  Package  entity/cdrom-2 downloaded
 Checking for file conflicts..
 Failed installing package unbound Error opening boltdb /var/luet/db/luet.db: timeout

Any suggestions?


I ran the upgrade step a couple of times now. It appears to continue for a few packages every time, but still fails with the same db error, although for different packages each time.

Additionally, I see complains about file conflicts for some packages:

file conflict found: file conflict between 'app-misc-2.0/geoclue-2.5.3-r2' and 'layers/gnome-common-0.8+11' ( file: etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.freedesktop.GeoClue2.Agent.conf )

file conflict found: file conflict between 'www-client/google-chrome-91.0.4472.114' and 'apps/google-chrome-91.0.4472.114+9' ( file: opt/google/chrome/MEIPreload/manifest.json )

I tried removing some of the old conflicting packages using equo, but even after uninstalling them, luet still complains about the same conflicts.

Furthermore, luet appears to be painfully slow. Each upgrade try takes many hours (while only processing a few packages) until it hits the db error again.

Honestly, this looks pretty much broken. Would doing a fresh install yield a more useable system?

So, after continuing this way for some time, luet managed to remove vital system packages. There is no “ls” anymore, no “bash”, the system is unusable and doesn’t reboot anymore (panics right after init is called).

Looks like this is definitely not ready for prime time (unfortunately). I’ll install some other distribution on my systems now (after more than 10 years of Sabayon - a big thankyou to all the people who were involved in the system during that time!).