hello everyone, i downloaded macaccino-mate.iso thinking it was like sabayon, i had an interface for installation. My surprise has not. I gave a startx, tried or raised an interface but I do not know how to move on from there. Any advice or should you wait a few more months? Thanks.

I have also downloaded an iso but gnome and i also had an error. The systemd and all started good but when x needs to start then its a mess. All i was left with was 2 white blocks and text like when you start a terminal so i guess the iso files are not ready yet!

Oh! fala português… olha foi o mesmo que aconteceu com migo no macaccino-mate. tempo tempo achas que devemos esperar ?

Im using google translate. :slight_smile:
Eu acho que seria melhor.

Tipo postado em ingles… acho que o chrome trocou kkkkkk :grin:
Pode me dizer mais ou menos o tempo que teremos que esperar para ter um iso funcional?

Tudo certo, essencial para nos entendermos :slight_smile:
Im hoping the iso files will be ready soon!
Eu não sei, sou apenas um usuário.

Eu também…, Vou esperar mais alguns dias e vou baixar uma nova iso.

We are focusing on GNOME atm - but we had to reorganize repositories, so current ISOs based on portage don’t boot into graphical anymore. Expect things to move in the following days :wink:

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Good news! Good luck with your project!

Can we have an estimate for that?