Is there an Xfce ISO

Is there an Xfce ISO, or can I download the Mate ISO and add Xfrce? Thanks

Hi and welcome!

At this moment there is no XFCE iso, but you could indeed install MATE and after install do:

luet install layers/xfce

thanks I will try that

I have xfce installed and working well. Thanks I still am having trouble installing Firefox, mousepad and aisleriot. Are these not available or do they need to be compiled?

Firefox can be installed with flatpak.

We could add mousepad to layers/xfce (instead of leafpad), not a problem there.
Not sure about aisleriot.

Thanks so much for the help. Was running in a 20 GB virtualbox and got a message that I was out of space. I tried to add more space to my virtual hard drive and wiped out everything. Will try again soon.