Is it possible a little Sabayon support for a VPN client?

Hi, I really need to use fortissslvpn plugin for the network manager, under KDE, I’ve requested that long time ago in Sabayons bug system. Right now it is possible to add a config for it, but when I try to connect it says the plugin is missing. Could anybody help me? My job depends on it in a few weeks from now.

I see a package here:

Thank you in advance.

I’ll add it. It will first go through Limbo testing repository.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you, I’ve got it!
How do I use it? KDE network manager still complains about missing the plugin.
Shall I use it in command line only?

@joost_op, I’ve found the issue, sorry I have not found it form the start. It seems there must be added too for the network manager to work, although this seems to be Gnome. Do you confirm? What is the issue, a configuration? Why KDE network manager can’t see “the plugin”, what is that plugin?

Guess so. I will add it to Entropy.

Man, you are a hero! :slight_smile:

I finally got Sabayon installed on my desktop again. Now I try to upgrade the software, and there is no community repo to connect to. I will admit I mainly installed Sabayon because I wanted to install Mocaccino and had no luck doing so, so I was going to try to upgrade through Sabayon, but I really missed Sabayon too.

How do I connect Sabayon to the repos to upgrade my software? And can I still use Entropy? I don’t see anything about Entropy in anything I’ve read about Mocaccino on the Internet to date…

Thank you so much, @joost_op, it works fine!

See the instructions here