Information about mocaccino os for those who want to try

I’m in a group called snaps flatpaks and appimage (all in Portuguese), they asked a lot of questions about the system

1 what is the target audience: developers, server or for end users as was the old sabayon?

2 Will the system be read-only or how will they manage the system installations / updates?

3 flatpak has just been confirmed, what about snaps and appimages?(in the case of snaps the most laborious part would be the classic symbolic link)

4 Will it be possible to switch interfaces without breaking the system more or less in the same way as silverblue?

5 I still don’t understand what the difference will be when installing the mocaccino os through a new installation, for a new pre-defect ISO with mocaccino os

If I have any more questions, I’ll post them below