I installed mocaccino-20210108 Micro. Where do I go from here?

I installed mocaccino micro in a vm to playtest the new distro. The installation went without any problems using mocaccino-unattended-installer and I run luet upgrade to get everything updated after the installation.

As I see it, mocaccino micro can be considered a small basic install from where I can build my whole system, however I cannot find a way to install some basic packages to test. For example I searched using luet for packages such as konsole, gnome or even fluxbox/openbox/xterm to have a simple X11 environment and it returned no results. I must be missing a step here.

Also another thing I wanted to ask is if systemd will be supported in mocaccino as funtoo doesn’t use it as an init system.

Micro is targeting Server mostly. You won’t find a full DE in there, and packages are created from scratch. They aren’t based on Portage, and either by any distro. we are crafting those manually as we see it fit to the project scope. You can, although, use it to switch to the Desktop variant (current portage-tree), but we didn’t have documented yet those steps (you should first get all the packages installed by the mocaccino-micro/mocaccino-musl-universe repositories with luet search --installed, and then run luet replace <packages> --for <desktop packages> ).

I wouldn’t suggest you to try to switch off, when we have enough bandwidth we will deliver a luet extension that will handle switching seamelessly.

About MocaccinoOS Micro: currently it’s possible to use it to run services with Docker, and to bootstrap kubernetes cluster, as you can see in the official docs: https://www.mocaccino.org/docs/micro/

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I see, I considered it to be a mini install cd and I was wrong. I’ll wait for the kde live cds to be ready then to test.

Well, at the end you will be able to use it as a mini-install cd, but we are not there yet :slight_smile:

This raises an old question (for me). Is there a plan, a roadmap, some milestones, a forecast, something about the future release of MOS? No pressure intended, just for info.
Also, what are the problems you face, what do you need, what are the stoppers, what can some user do to help speed up the process?