Help with migration

I’ve been using Sabayon for several years. Disappointed to see it die. My workstation died last week and I’ve been trying to get it back. The conversion wouldn’t work as it couldn’t find my Sabayon on the MVMe M.2 drive. Additionally, while trying various distros to get any upgrade path, none of them loaded the RTL8117 network card driver on my Asus Pro WS X570 motherboard. Any suggestions to help me get my system back is greatly appreciated.

@BobStockdale It’s not dying, it’s just changing shape :wink:

Can you be more specific than “my workstation died last week” ? Was a Sabayon update?

At the moment, as its already suggested - migration are for testing only. You shouldn’t run it in your systems.

I’m using Sabayon Mate distro. I haven’t been able to update the Sabayon weekly since August as there were no updates available. I also run my wife’s laptop and my Predator laptop on Sabayon Mate.
The issue I encountered dealt with Libre Office. It went into a file recovery mode and kept looping through the process without allowing me to kill the process. The only solution was to hard reboot. That is when Sabayon wouldn’t boot to the Mate desktop. It gave me a limited command prompt without any network connectivity. I tried several other distros including Calculate Linux Mate, none of which could see my NVMe m.2 drive that Sabayon is installed on. Nor could they give me network access. Sabayon had worked flawlessly up to this point. Since my first post problems with the motherboard bios surfaced to the point that I can no longer select the boot device without UEFI locking up. Hence, I ordered a new motherboard and am awaiting it’s delivery.