File manager not working in Sabayon?

Hi all I’m pretty new to Sabayon (have always been a Debian distro user) and decided to give Sabayon a go. After updating the system I have noticed I cannot open the File manager or should I say I cannot open or browse any of the places like Downloads, Documents etc…When I click on the Files icon it just hangs and never opens?!
Any help much appreciated, Im not the most expert of linux users and Sabayon is a steep learning curve at the moment. But I must say its super smooth and so fast on a 2013 i3 pc with a HDD and no SSD!
Thanks for any information

Hi, I use KDE, Dolphin works for me, but I think there could be a different reason than the DE.
Did you check the partition?

I installed the Gnome version so not sure which is the default file manager for Sabayon Gnome?! The partition is fine, it was working a day ago but now I can’t seem to open any files or location with Files?!

Did you check the filesystems now? Maybe something happened in the meanwhile. Did you check the users access? Can you get some logs? Is FIles only, or another file manager? What happens if you try to list the contents if the home directory in a console?

Hi thanks for all your help and info, I just checked, rebooted and still no joy. I have since installed Dolphin and I can now view files in all places…I will look further into it when I have a bit of time. I did want to ask is it worth looking into installing Mocaccino when its fully developed as I sense the feeling that maybe Sabayon will no longer be supported in the near future?!

IMHO, Mocaccino is the future and will definitely worth, as far as I use Sabayon since 2005, on several computers, updated weekly and still works fine! The same team handles the new distro, so I trust them as I trust myself! There is a transition time that shows they are as reliable as ever! Wait and see, I am sure we will be rewarded with one of the best distros!

thanks again for the info its much appreciated, I will wait with eager anticipation for moccacino…meanwhile I will enjoy the fast smooth experience with sabayon!

You can try Mocaccino Gnome from here:
Those are live ISOs and Gnome worked fine last time, even though was declared as being an alpha version.

Hi again
Thanks for the link, i downloaded the Mocaccino Gnome 20210217 dev out of curiousity and to try out. I booted the live iso, everything loaded but wont let me get past the terminal mocaccino login point, tried to login as Live and password Root but no joy , any advice? thanks

I think you can login as root with password “root”.

Ive tried that, plus other combinations Live for user Root for password, Live Live, Root Root but no joy. I did read on another post that there were Gnome desktop dev login issues and that the Micro version was the only one working but that was a post from later last year? Surely the Feb 2021 isos are up and working ok?! I cant see anyone else having issues on the forum though…

I also wanted to ask what is the default file manager for Sabayon? I had a problem with Terminal hanging as well but reinstalled and it works fine now, so maybe I can reinstall the default file manager if i knew the name of it? I have since installed Thunar and Dolphin without any problems?

Login for the live image is root/mocaccino.
Did you try to update?

Many thanks for the live image login details i will try root/mocaccino
I have tried to update but no joy. I think the default file manager for Sabayon GNOME is Nautilus so Im going to reinstall, as I had problems with the Terminal as well but reinstalled and is fine now :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try to bring the system up to date? You can use Rigo or equo.

Yep, update… just reinstalled Nautilus and its now working!!!, very strange maybe in my last system update a couple of things didnt install correctly. How do you update via Equo?
By the way, one more last question which is the easiest way to install GNOME shell extensions, icons and themes in Sabayon? I cannot seem to right click and drag as Root into Icons, Themes etc…folder in usr folder…

I issue ‘equo update’ then ‘equo upgrade’.
I don’t use Gnome at all, I can’t help you with that.

many thanks again for your help its much appreciated…:slight_smile:

I didn’t do much. Don’t mention it!