Estimate for Beta?

Long time Sabayon user here.

I’m wondering if we have any sort of feel for how far away a beta of Mocacinno is? Github doesn’t seem to have any sort of Milestone trackers.

I’m currently still running Sabayon on a couple of computers, but I’m nervous that I’ll want/need to switch to something before Mocaccino is ready to be tested.

I understand this stuff takes time, and I am by no means trying to rush the process, just looking for some transparency.

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I think it would be great to see some milestones/ MVP definitions, even if this is without dates. It would mean the Community knows where the project is going next, and this may encourage contributions.

Thanks for trying new things.


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Same here, no pressure intended, just curious.

The answer would be: When we think it is good enough to release.

We are not some kind of software company, we are working very hard to get to this point though.

You can browse around here and notice how busy we are.
Issues we have are being tracked here:

Well, that doesn’t seem very helpful.

I realize you aren’t a software company, and I’m not asking for a deadline. Rather, I’m asking if you’ve got a gauge on your velocity and a rough idea of what needs to be accomplished in order to give a very rough estimate those of us who aren’t confident of how to put that data together on your behalf.

I’ve been a long time Sabayon user and I fully intend to give Mocaccino a try, but I have to say that I’ve been pretty disappointed with the information provided around Sabayon’s deprecation and now frustrated by the lack of information concerning Mocaccino’s development. Communication is important. PR is important. I want this to succeed, but I can’t imagine success without more communication.

Please don’t take this as a grumpy troll looking to stir up chaos. Think of this as a plea from a long time, active user to consider how to improve this aspect of running this project.

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It depends on what you expect here. A fresh install or a migration from Sabayon?

Since you seem to know about PR, and we obviously lack that, feel free to join us on slack. Perhaps you can help keep users informed on the progress.

A fresh install is what I was looking for, but honestly, either. Anything. I’ll definitely sign up on slack, but even still it will take me a considerable amount of time before I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of developers.

Again, I hope this isn’t coming off as smarmy. I know you are doing tons of work, and I have no right to demand anything from you. I’m simply stating that I have needs too, and if I don’t have confidence that Mocaccino will be able to meet those needs I will be forced to look into other options. Setting expectations is a good thing, and most people are fully understanding when directions change, as long as we’re up front about it.

We were close to a beta. But I can’t really say if this is a matter of days or weeks. I’m sorry.

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Honestly, that’s all I was looking for. No need to apologize. The fact that it could be days or weeks is better information than nothing. At least I know it’s unlikely that it’ll take a year before a beta.

If I knew, from an engineering POV, we would be unable to produce at least a single beta iso within a year, I would have left the project for sure. That is unacceptable.

Master @joost_op, don’t be sorry that you work hard for a good cause! :slight_smile:

The mocaccino os is the most interesting system after fedora silverblue, I will wait for the stable version (do not mind waiting years) to then see if it is worth changing system
Meanwhile I’m loving more and more people starting to devote themselves to containers, including containers for everyday use

Hi, how far do you feel a release is? What broke KDE build that bad so no install image at all, what is needed to have it?