Drivers nvidia Its is possible in mocaccinoOS?

I’m wondering about the question of nvidia whether it will ever come with optimus prime to switch from Intel to nvidia quickly, unlike the silverblue fedora and the endlessos, It is possible to add in mocaccinoOS the fastest Is it possible to add in mocaccinoOS as soon as possible?

Or is it complicated to do?

I have Sabayon installed on a laptop with Optimus. I have setup myself to avoid Intel card, as KDE is poorly drawn when using it. I’d like to have an option to do that automatically. Unfortunately, I have explained how I did it on the Sabayon’s forum, which is gone now, so I’ve lost that. A good resource for how to do it is the Arch wiki.

Yes, it is definetly possible - we are currently experimenting with vbox modules, nvidia-drivers are definetly part of that list.

One thing aside is that kernels in MOS gets updates very quickly, so it might be that we will target only LTS for that.