Dav1d becomes obsolete

Hello, the current Sabayon’s dav1d becomes pretty old. Could it be bumped to the Gentoo’s latest here
https://packages.gentoo.org/packages/media-libs/dav1d ?

Hello. Entropy repository has more then 10.000 packages. Imagine if we are going to open bump requests for all of them in these forums, that isn’t really going to work. However. If you really need an updated version of a package for a very good reason (always motivate why we need this newer version) I will look into that.

Indeed, obviously not all software that has newer versions is needed to be upgraded now.
I have several movies (and seems to increase the number) that were not encoded by me, but do not work in a video player. I use VLC, I have discussed with their support, they’ve advised me to upgrade this codec.
There are several things that would need upgrades from time to time, like Wine, or web browsers (right now Firefox looks frozen, despite Chrome gets updates).
I would not add requests here just for some one-time situation, but I will for the ones I have repeatedly problems with.
Of course, there is no obligation on your side, but I can’t get them if I don’t ask, right?

Hi, I have noticed you’ve upgraded the package. Thank you! You are awesome as always!