Choosing different inits

Will we able to choose and use different inits for Mocaccino Desktop or will we just have systemd?

Well… It’s “officially” on the Website under Documentation, main features: different variants: from systemd to runit… :wink:
I’m more for the second one :running_man::smile:

Isnt that only for Mocaccino Micro or am i misunderstanding?

Reading documentation, I think Micro will use ruint but Desktop still use systemd

I hope systemd can be avoided in Desktop, I really dislike it.

You have to understand how much effort goes into packaging up every daemon so it can work with multiple init systems though. It’s a lot of extra developer time, and we’re always short on developer time.

If support for alternative init systems comes to Desktop, it could easily be at a later date while they focus on delivering one correctly first.

Alright i understand. I was just wondering if it would be a possibility.