Are the current Mocaccino ISOs, prerelease?

Alberto, Brazil. An question… Are the current Mocaccino ISOs, the prereleases?

In this moment, I’m carring the download of the Mocaccino GNOME 2020-12-16 ISO.

I made the post in the right place?

I will try and test Mocaccino, installed in new partitions

I explained some days ago… It is not possible for me remove, or migrate, Sabayon from my systems, since Sabayon is my main Linux Distro, at the University, in my job… I use it, each day.

We are very busy preparing an alpha release. Things do NOT work yet. Also do not try to migrate from Sabayon either. It is not working yet.

Hello, @joost_op and @albfneto.

I’m pretty excited (and a little worried, too ;-)) about migrating my Sabayon KDE (5.4.0-sabayon) to MocaccinoOS. I think I will “sit tight” and wait to be told that it is both safe and straight-forward (easy) to migrate. I am not an expert with regard to configuring and debugging operating systems, but I’m good with algorithms. I will wait until there is a well-tested “cook book” of instructions to be followed verbatim.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!

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Hi, I have continued upgrading my mocaccino test install in a VM. KDE looks better now, I am sure it would be better if I try migrating again, as it uninstalled a lot of KDE packages during the first migration.
etc-update still produces many files to merge.

So I wonder, how close are we from a release and migration of a daily use system?
I don’t want to put pressure, but I am curious.

As Sabayon user, I see firefox not supported at all, neither in Sabayon, neither in Mocaccino. Why is that? Is the team too busy or did they discourage using it? If it’s the latter, why?

@msdobrescu I have firefox installed on my system and it works just fine. What do you mean by firefox not being supported?

I mean, under Sabayon, it is an old version, 78.5.0esr, for a long time. It has reached 82.0.2 lately.
Under Mocaccino, there is no firefox package in the repos (I use the stable ones in my test migration).
Firefox did not start anymore, after the migration.
Under Sabayon, I have received chrome updates, even now when they come not that often as in the past…

78.5.0esr was released just a month ago. It is from the extended support release of Firefox. It might not have the latest new technology but it is stable and has all the latest security patches. Now as for the reason why the devs chose to use esr, they will have to answer that, but version 78 isn’t an old version of firefox.

Chrome has got upgrades. This Firefox has problems, like frozen when changing a tab, sometimes.
But under Sabayon only, no Firefox package under Mocaccino. Or is it?

I have in mind that firefox is precompiled and may run standalone. I use and test the Nightly Versions.
I published and article about this, but it is written in portoguese language (i.m Brazilian).
Resuming, my method is…

Go to the site:

choose the desired firefox, language and version (i use te nightly version, it is sufficient stable).

save the file in one created /home/user/Desktop directory

“unzip” the firefox file, you wiil see a “Firefox” directory… execute te internal script " ./firefox"

If you have another installed firefox, remove it, or at least, mantain it permanently closed.